More answers to your questions about AJ's and our services What is Dry Cleaning? Dry Cleaning is a cleaning process for clothing and textiles. Much like the name suggests Dry Cleaning uses no water. Instead we use as solvent that cleans clothing and textiles much more effectively than traditional laundering methods. Dry Cleaning is a well established practice that utilizes specially selected cleaning agents and a unique method to clean fabrics without any damage. The process starts after you leave your clothing with AJ's. We attach a tag to each piece of clothing that you leave with us to ensure that it does not get lost within the process. After being tagged the item is sorted for for its predetermined cleaning method. The items are then brought to the spotting station where they are checked for stains that are then remediated before being sent to the dry cleaning machine. The dry cleaning machine is then started and gently rotates the clothes while a steady stream of clean solvent is pumped into the system. The dirty solvent is simultaneously pumped out of the drum to maintain the constant cleansing of clothing. The next cycle removes all of the solvent from the machine and dries the clothing with warm air. After the dry cleaning machine completes its cycles the clothing then moves on to be carefully pressed by one of our experienced pressers. We then do a thorough inspection of each item after pressing to ensure there are no unwanted creases or defects in the clothing before having the items bagged and finally scanned into our system. Why should I dry clean my clothes rather than just wash them normally? Our service saves you time and frustration. Due to the highly competitive and profit thirsty textile industry of today's world, most clothing and textiles produced today don't hold up well when conventionally laundered. Dry Cleaning is the best way to clean fabrics that degrade easily in water, as well as delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a conventional washing machine and clothes dryer. While both processes have their place in the world dry cleaning is much better for clothes, especially delicate items. As our dry cleaning process does not require the immersion of items in water and characterized by our specially designed gentle cleaning process, dry cleaning has several advantages for cleaning clothes when compared to a traditional in home washing machine. Gentle Process --- Compared to traditional cleaning methods AJ's dry cleaning process is much gentler. The rotation of our specially designed gentle drum in our dry cleaning machines is much milder than the abrasive agitator in a washing machine. In addition to our specially designed gentle drum the limited use of water, solvents, and other liquids in the cleaning process works to protect the garments being cleaned. Clothing Preservation --- In addition to the gentle cleaning process, dry cleaning is also better for maintaining the new appearance of clothing. Our process never causes the shrinking of delicate fabrics and maintains the color and texture better than any other method of cleaning. Deep Cleaning --- One of the most notable advantages of our dry cleaning process is the ability to deep clean tough soils and stains. Our process has the distinctive ability to dissolve oil and grease in all types of fabrics that is next to impossible to do in other cleaning methods. Finished Appearance --- Clothing often ends up looking wrinkled after washing conventionally. With our dry cleaning process, clothes are crisp, fresh, and clean when finished. How does AJ's Cleaners Pick up and Delivery service work? In order to ensure we are not only the best, but the most convenient dry cleaning service in the greater Charlotte area we offer a pick up and delivery service at no extra cost to you at all. Why spend the time driving to the store when you can have the store come to you? AJ's pick up and Delivery service is simple and convenient. You give us instructions on where, how, and when to pick up your dry cleaning items, you can even leave your items at a predetermined location in your home or office and we'll swing by and pick it up without you having to worry about them. You can manage the details of your delivery online. We can even pick up you clothes in your office and drop them off at your home, or vice versa. Sign up > What is Spotting? Throughout our 30 years of dry cleaning service we've picked up a few useful tools and tricks to make sure even the toughest stains come out. Coca-cola has its recipe, McDonalds has its big mac sauce, and AJ's Cleaners has a secret sauce of our own, our pre-spotting service. One of the reasons AJ's is the best dry cleaning service available is due to our spot and stain removal process. How does Spotting work?
The process of spot treatment is very complicated and difficult, which is why most other dry cleaning services will not be able to take out certain stains that, we have no problem with. AJ's Cleaners uses three main tools to remove even the toughest stains that others can't. Spotting Board --- In order to remove spots and stains at a level that only AJ's can do we use a piece of advanced equipment called a pre-spotting board with four major components vacuum, steam, hot air, and a spotting gun. Spotting Bone --- our spotting bone is a smooth tool used to work a spot removal agent into the stain and loosen its grip on a fabric before the rest of the cleaning process. Tamping Brush --- We use a soft brush to further loosen and remove stains. This brush is used on all the collars, under arms, and cuffs of every shirt that we process. This ensure that there are no compounding wear and tear stains.
What is Boxing? To ensure that we are the most convenient dry cleaning service available we offer a special boxing service. What this means is that after your items are cleaned and pressed, they will be folded neatly and bagged to ensure they save as much space as possible in your suite case or closet. Ask About Pricing > Alterations? Clothing is produced in a way to only fit certain predetermined body types. What does this mean for you? Chances are, that dress you love, or that suite you bought last year isn't made to fit you as well as you'd like it to. AJ's Cleaners provides alteration services to fill in the gap between store bought and custom clothing. Hundreds of our customers vouch by our alteration services when they need to have adjustments made to their favorite garments. Ask About Pricing > Special Occasion Services? We specialize in the high quality dry cleaning of high quality garments. This includes wedding dresses, tuxedos, decorative, and high fashion clothing. Only AJ's Cleaners ultra gentle dry cleaning process is able to clean your valuable garments to look as if they were brand new. Our Special Occasion dry cleaning services makes sure that you look outstanding at your next special event. The service is also great for preserving your garments after your special event. Ask About Pricing >


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